Goodbye Watch Later

Maximilian Hille / Thu, Apr 20, 2023

It is quite unfortunate to announce that we had to unpublish Watch Later from Google Play today. A couple of weeks ago we had to fill out an audio form regarding the YouTube client API usage of Watch Later. As a result Google shut down our API access. To our surprise, they actually forwarded us their internal report which came our of a manual audit. Some bean counter looked at the app and decided that it does not “improve the user interaction with YouTube”, resulting in a violation of ToS - specifically III.

Watch Later 2.3

Maximilian Hille / Fri, Feb 19, 2021

Watch Later has been updated and released on Google Play to the beta channel. Unless something catastrophic is wrong with the version, it will roll out to 100% in a couple of days. Notable changes: User playlists YouTube recently shut down the API to insert videos into a user’s Watch Later playlist. I expect YouTube to remove/migrate that platform feature in the coming months, but that is only speculation. Until then, the app will work by letting the user select one of their playlists and insert the videos into that instead.

JobIds are the new IRQs

Juliane Lehmann / Tue, Sep 5, 2017


Everything is better with a silly meme.

Everything is better with a silly meme. (thanks imgflip!)

Remember the days before plug-and-play? When you had to manually configure IRQs on your hardware, taking care to have no overlaps, hoping that it’s even possible without overlaps? If not, be glad… The bad news is: If you’re an Android software developer, thanks to Android Oreo’s background execution limits forcing the use of JobScheduler, those days are sort of back. Good news: this time, it’s all software, and we as a community can collectively make things work.

App update: Core Death Bell 1.5

Maximilian Hille / Juliane Lehmann / Sun, Oct 30, 2016

Core Death Bell got multiple updates recently, the most imortant changes being:

Available for free on Google Play

Find the source (GPL) on GitHub

AppBar synced FAB behavior available as a library

Juliane Lehmann / Wed, Jun 8, 2016

You can now get the FAB behavior shown in this post as a library. Go to the project on github to see the source, read the gradle instructions or file an issue. Comments are also well-liked on reddit or Google+!

There are already enhancements in place over the code as shown originally:

Near future plan is to include proper handling of AppBarLayouts that do not collapse completely.

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