Juliane Lehmann


As I am not active in mathematics anymore, I lack MathSciNet access, but I can tell you that these are my papers on

By now, I am a software developer. Until 2015, I was working mainly in Java, using JSF + Spring + Hibernate, discovered the wonders of Maven; did some SQL-heavy projects and had a fun experience building a standalone client for our backend using Python (with PyGtk) and sqlite. Since then, I’ve been learning Android development - hacking on the Watch Later app was my introduction, and now I’m taking care of it. There are no public traces of a failed IRC client project in between. My newest baby is the QuickFit app.

I am interested in functional languages and strong typing, but my forays into Scala and Haskell have taken a backseat to learning Android and spending some time away from the screen.

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