Q: What?

QuickFit is a simple little helper for adding activities to your Google Fit history. Configure some presets (activity type, duration, optionally label and/or calories burned), add them to your history with a simple tap of a button, and if you want, set yourself (weekly) reminders that will spawn a notification at the set time, which allows to add the activity with a single tap. It is up to you whether you want reminders at all, want to set them so they’ll remind you to get started or set them to near the end of your planned activity, so that you won’t forget to record them. If you tap the button, the activity will be entered as something you just finished - so that it started the set duration ago and ended just now.

There is no way to see history; the Google Fit app itself does that just fine.

You can install QuickFit from the Play store.

Q: Why?

It’s functionality I wanted. Also, this was a project to cut my teeth on when I was learning Android development; and it’s a project I’d still like to toy with to explore modernizing the architecture of a legacy app, but right now, I’m lacking the time for that. You can read a bit more about the history on the blog, and you can check out the sources on github.

Q: What about my data?

Nothing. No, really - QuickFit does not read your Fit data at all, it only writes what you ask it to write (contrary to what may or may not be implied by the formulation on the OAuth consent screen - I have no control over that). In fact, one of the reasons for choosing this project back when was that it allowed me to explore working with network access without needing to set up my own backend, finding a place to host it and keep it running. All QuickFit does is install locally on your phone, keep your configuration there and add to your Fit account when you ask it to. The configuration is small enough that it gets automagically backed up with your Google account (if you haven’t opted out of that on the device setup level), so that it will get transfered when you switch phones.

There’s a privacy policy.