New app: QuickFit

Juliane Lehmann / Wed, Feb 24, 2016

I’m learning Android development, and after hacking on Watchlater for a while, it was time for the first project completely of my own, that should also allow me to try my hand at some framework component that Watchlater simply had no use for. That project lies dormant on my HDD - while it taught me about the support library, material design and all about the service lifecycle, ultimately my goal of writing the IRC client I wanted was doomed from the start. The IRC protocol simply does not allow to identify users persistently, and so my goal of presenting query conversations on the same level as channels was unreachable. So QuickFit is the much better replacement project.

For me, using Google Fit is about logging my activity, looking at the calendar view and seeing a nice, high level and getting my daily pling. So walking and cycling gets tracked nicely automatically, but of course I want to enter my other workouts too. The Google Fit app can do this, but it is a bit of a long process: select the activity from the dropdown (easy, with the favorites), enter a time span, hit submit, get the “activity is in the future” message, go back, decide on some easy-to-enter start time that will work, hit submit again. That should be easier!

There was my perfect excuse for an app that allows me to:

Available for free on Google Play, or be a beta tester

Find the source (Apache License 2.0) on GitHub

I’d be happy about feedback by mail, or raise an issue on GitHub.