Watch Later 2.3

Maximilian Hille / Fri, Feb 19, 2021

Watch Later has been updated and released on Google Play to the beta channel. Unless something catastrophic is wrong with the version, it will roll out to 100% in a couple of days.

Notable changes:

User playlists

YouTube recently shut down the API to insert videos into a user’s Watch Later playlist. I expect YouTube to remove/migrate that platform feature in the coming months, but that is only speculation. Until then, the app will work by letting the user select one of their playlists and insert the videos into that instead.


All Java code has been converted to Kotlin. I used Android Studios “convert to Kotlin” quite a lot and then had a second code sweep to make the code more canonical.

Elm Architecture

Since I love to work with Elm in general, going back to Android projects I am usually a bit disappointed by the complicated, bad or nonexisting architecture. Last year I wondered a while how an Elm Architecture in Android/Kotlin might looks like. There have been approaches by others in the recent year but I wanted to build my own one, heavily using Kotlins functional programming features. I did not expect to merge that experiment into the main branch but it went so well that I did. In case I work a bit more on that I might spin off the gradle module as a library Github project and write more about it.