Welcome, Hugo

Maximilian Hille / Tue, Jul 29, 2014

My old website existed only for three reasons:

  1. Google Play wants you to provide a business website
  2. German law required an ‘Impressum’
  3. I wanted to play with express.js

Since the site only had the ‘Impressum’, express.js was obviously an overkill. The only code redirected you to /impressum. Trying new stuff and now maybe actually fill this site with some more life, I was searching for a new engine which would fit my needs.

I was already planning how I would produce blog entries and whether there should be coming out of a database or flat files, but I though I should first take a look on what’s there. My server is not a monster machine so having something lighter than node.js would be nice.

One of the current trends is Go, which I already worked with a bit. Revel and Martini look like promising frameworks – at least they have nice websites. But then I looked at Hugo and instantly fell in love.

Hugo seems to fit my needs exactly because it has a different philisophy which – at least to me – feels like a well-done step back in website authoring. Instead of serving the website from a process with some dynamic data storage, Hugo will just compile a static website from some Markdown files. But it is not stone-age like as you might think, but actually comes with a built-in preview webserver including auto-refresh.

Of course there is still stuff do like creating a nice theme. automate deployment, learning more about categories & tagging. But I am already quite confident to have a good framework tool.

This way I also reach my goal of using Go for the site, although in an unexpected way. Thanks to the Hugo team! I hope I can commit one or two things later on.