Update: GUI for ibutton

Maximilian Hille / Thu, Jun 4, 2015

The recently released Go application for controlling iButtons just got a small update: A GUI interface. It is very basic for now, but, as far as I know, the first graphical iButton interface for Linux.

I did not yet check if the App works from your Ubuntu Touch device, but since it should only depend on the installed kernel modules and working USB-to-go, I will need a physical device to actually test this. Android kernels usually do not carry the necessary drivers…

Building this has been a nice opportunity for me to learn a bit of the upcoming Ubuntu way of doing apps. The Ubuntu SDK uses Qt/QML as frontend language. QML is a specialized JavaScript’esque language for doing MVC. Qt has bindings ready in a lot of languages, but Go being part of the officially supported ones in the SDK (Go, Python, C++) could be a nice go-to app architecture in the future.

That said, the Ubuntu SDK is still at a very early stage. After years of doing Android, Ubuntu’s docs and the IDE (customized QtCreator) seem pretty rough.

You can find the project on GitHub, the license is (like the rest of go-netlink) GPL3+.